MovetoTheSky EnduranceTraining

Personalized Endurance Training for Mountain Sports Athletes and Runners

My name is Lukas Schaffenrath MSc, coach of the MoveToTheSky Team, and I want to help you improve your performance and accomplish your goals. I’m anexperienced trail runner and sky runner with an educational background in endurance sports, and I bring this scientific approach to tailoring your training in ways that:

  • build on your strengths,
  • improve your weaknesses,
  • adapt to your life, and
  • maximize the fun!

Using both proven training methods as well as the latest findings in the field, your training with MoveToTheSky includes:

1. Periodized, structured training plan– Together we’ll explore your goals and priorities, and I’ll create a customized path to help you accomplish these.

2. Feedback, motivation, and adaptation – Training is about far more than just planning. It's where art and science meet. Along your training path, I’ll provide regular feedback, motivation, and updates to your plan based on your progress and the feedback I get from you.

3. Community platform – In addition to the guidance of a certified endurance trainer, MoveToTheSky is also a community for mountain lovers who want to share, learn, and discover the mountains together.

Join the MoveToTheSky Team, discover new ways to improve your performance, and enjoy your time on trail even more!